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Assured Aviation

Welcome to Assured Aviation Services.

We are proud to boast a remarkably experienced Leadership Team, collectively possessing years of expertise in Aviation Operations and Resourcing. Our leadership is characterized by a hands-on approach, actively overseeing the delivery and ensuring the quality of services offered to our valued clients and stakeholders.

Backed by The Assured Group as the primary investor and shareholder, our Leadership Team receives robust financial support and efficient back-office administration.

This strategic backing empowers us to achieve growth on any scale, with a steadfast commitment to delivering a first-class experience to our customers on every occasion. The symbiotic relationship between our Leadership Team and The Assured Group forms the cornerstone of our success, ensuring excellence in operations and service delivery within the aviation industry



What Makes Assured Aviation Services Unique Compared to Its Competitors

Assured Aviation Services stands out in the aviation industry for several key reasons:

  • Innovative and Time-Critical Services: Assured Aviation Services is committed to providing fresh and innovative solutions that address time-critical needs within the aviation sector. This includes a comprehensive range of services such as aircraft cleaning, facility maintenance, fumigation, and more, all tailored to meet the urgent demands of airports and airlines.
  • Prestigious Accreditations: The company holds several prestigious accreditations, including ISO 9001 for Quality Management and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. These certifications demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and environmental responsibility in their operations.
  • Sustainable Practices: One of the standout features of Assured Aviation Services is its pioneering use of dry washing technology for aircraft and airport ground service equipment. This eco-friendly method conserves significant amounts of water and reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional wet washing techniques.
  • Robust Financial and Administrative Support: As part of The Assured Group, Assured Aviation Services benefits from strong financial backing and efficient back-office administration. This support enables the company to scale its operations effectively and maintain a high level of service quality.
  • Hands-On Leadership and Expertise: The leadership team at Assured Aviation Services is highly experienced in aviation operations and resourcing. Their hands-on approach ensures that the delivery and quality of services meet the highest standards, providing clients and stakeholders with reliable and exceptional service.
  • Comprehensive Service Offering: Assured Aviation Services offers a wide array of services, including aircraft maintenance training, airworthiness management, spare parts procurement, and more. This extensive service portfolio allows them to cater to various needs within the aviation industry, making them a versatile and valuable partner for their clients.

In summary, Assured Aviation Services differentiates itself through its innovative and time-critical solutions, prestigious certifications, sustainable practices, strong financial backing, experienced leadership, and comprehensive service offerings. These unique attributes collectively position the company as a leader in the aviation services industry.


committed to ongoing investment in new techniques, training, and technological advances. This commitment positions us not only as one of the largest companies in our industry but as a true leader, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards within our field.


“We are dedicated to maintaining a consistently safe and quality-driven working environment for both our employees and customers. Our commitment is to provide a fresh and innovative approach to time-critical airport-related services. This involves delivering value-added solutions rooted in sustainable employment policies and safe working practices, supported by robust and tested operational processes and procedures.

Our strategic plans are centered around achieving steady, deliverable growth within the aviation industry across the UK. By prioritizing safety, quality, and sustainability, we aim to set a standard for excellence in our services while fostering a secure and positive environment for all stakeholders involved.”